Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed® whole fruit smoothie purees are 100% real fruit no added sugar or high fructose corn syrup.
• 100% fruit
• 4 servings of fruit in a 16oz beverage
• Vegan - Except banana (contains honey)
• Gluten free
• Fruit!! Not sugar
• NO artificial flavors
• NO artificial sweeteners
• NO dairy
• NO lactose
• NO preservatives
• NO fat* except Açai with healthy omega 3

Four Berry Blend 
Red and black raspberry up front, with a hint of strawberry, then the blackberry and blueberry come in to give the blend purple & dark berry notes. The finish is a razzy medium multi-berry.

Mango Tropics
Strong, smooth, pungent and vibrant mango gives this unique deep mango flavor. A touch of pineapple helps pop the blend ending with a slight banana background.

Savor the intense peach skin and flesh that literally floods your senses before dropping into a pear & apricot tone background finish. Ever had peaches straight from the wooden crate? Try this!

Pineapple Paradise
Ripe, deep, intense and fresh, that is the hallmark of this golden variety pineapple blend. The smoothing notes of creamy coconut and banana in the background wrap it all together. It’s all about the pineapple here.

Fresh ripe crushed strawberry tones jump out at you, then linger into a deeper red ripe strawberry taste to achieve the freshest tasting strawberry smoothie in the industry.

Strawberry Banana
Fresh strawberry notes with banana moving back and forth that leaves both strawberry and ripe banana aftertastes.